Tanner Gudauskas Finds a Gem on Craigs List

Craigs List is a treasure trove of old boards ranging from the super rare to the bizarre, and surfers like @tannergud love to paw through them to add something unique to their collection. “The habit of buying and selling surfboards has always been fun for me,” says Tanner. “I love the excitement of new boards, shapes and colors. I like that some are old, some are new or in great shape, and others I don’t even know. I am a hoarder and am proud of it!”

In this episode, Tanner locates a 90s vintage Channel Islands model known as the SASHIMI, originally designed by Britt Merrick. This Sashimi is 5’8” x 19 3/4 x 2 3/8 good condition, was bought stock off the rack. So if there is an old model that you really loved and can’t find one on Craigs List please contact us or go to the Custom Board Builder on our site to recreate your old favorite.