Luke Swanson

Born:   FEBRUARY 7TH, 2004

Height / Weight:  5’ 8’’/ 130 Lbs

Boards:  Short-board: 5’ 8’’ ‘FEVER SPINETEK’ — Step-up: 6’ 0’’ ‘HAPPY TRAVELER’

Home break: From Haleiwa to Sunset!

Favorite surf spot: PIPELINE

Sponsors:  Ripcurl, Channel Islands, Dragon Alliance, Banzai Bowls, Surface Sunscreen, Futures Fins, Freak Traction

Best surf Trip: Tahiti and Rangi Roa for QS in March ’20!

Other than surfing: Fishing, Cave Diving, Spearfishing, Skating

Favorite surfer: John Florence, Gabriel Medina

Music: I seriously listen to everything there is!  KB for pre-surf though!

Favorite Food:  SUSHI!!!! IT IS SUPREME

Do you play any instruments: I like to mess around with Guitars and Ukuleles

Favorite surf movie:  ‘View from a Blue Moon’  by JJF, so sick!!

Goals: Qualify for the world tour, and win as many titles as I can!

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