Josiah Amico

Born: February 12, 1999
Height: 5,9
Weight: 140
Boards: Twin Pin, CI Mid, OG Flyer
Home break: Emma Wood
Sponsors: Channel Islands Surfboards, Vissla, and Futures Fins
Favorite Surfer: Dane Reynolds
Surf Crew: I don’t really have one haha but it’s pretty easy to run into someone you know in Ventura.
Best surf Trip: I got to do a 3 month trip to Australia when I was 19, did a bunch of road trips up and down the coast, best time of my life!
Other than surfing: I’m working full time at Trader Joe’s as of right now, so that definitely consumes a lot of my time, but I enjoy it and it just keeps me busy. I also play guitar a lot as well, it’s a fun outlet for me other than surfing.
Music: definitely don’t listen to much from this generation haha. Guys like Rory Gallagher, Jimi Hendrix, and Eric Clapton inspire me a lot! I love blues and rock and roll, it’s timeless for me, especially those guys music.
Food: Mexican
Favorite surf movie: gosh, I pretty much just go through all the old Marinelayerproductions videos over and over again! But Danes film Loaded, as well as his Chapter 11 film are two of my favorites for sure, his surfing in those videos is ridiculous.
Rights or Lefts: ill just split the peak regardless haha
Favorite guitar: Strat
Goals: honestly my goal is to not waste time, to take as many opportunities as possible and just do the things that I’m Passionate about, regardless of what anybody may think. I wanna put out surf clips, but also create other content outside of surfing, such as making short films that allow me to be more creative.
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