We were honored to be a part of Stab’s latest Electric Acid Surfboard Test with Noa Deane. This installment of the popular “blind” board test series, which previously featured surfers like Dane Reynolds and Stephanie Gilmore, returns this time with an Australian youngster who was clearly influenced by Dane’s surfing. Both are 200lb grown men who fly higher than surfers several weight classes lower, and you could easily say we had a slight advantage getting a board under his feet that had initially been developed with Dane (but ultimately fine-tuned with Parker Coffin). For Noa’s Acid Test project, Britt Merrick and CI’s Carpinteria crew built him a trippy looking FishBeard—a high performance twin keel that has been turning heads and putting smiles on peoples faces since being introduced earlier this year.

Like the color-work of Noah’s FishBeard? To order a custom acid splash resin tint on your FishBeard, or any model we make, please go here to start building your dream board now.

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