VIDEO: Channel Islands Surfboards Rincon Classic Highlights

For a few decades now local surfers have looked forward to the annual Channel Islands Surfboards Rincon Classic. Some are excited to compete in it, others to catch a glimpse of the 805’s best surfers battling it out at the Queen of the Coast. With a six-week waiting period, event organizers “Surf Happens” were able to hold out this year for the best conditions. Held in perfect, pumping conditions at the Cove section, Conner Coffin walked away with the pro division win and celebrated the memory of Chris Brown by donating his winnings to “Brownie’s” daughter. 

2019 Rincon Classic Results


1. Conner Coffin

2. Killian Garland

3. Adam Lambert

4. Dennis Rizzo

Wahines (Girls U17)

1. Makena Burke2. Delaney Poulos

3. Vela Mattive

4. Sophie Simon

5. Jessie Engel

6. Kaya Weber

Womens (ALL AGES)

1. Makena Burke

2. Maria Barend

3. Vela Mattiv

4. Aubrey Faulk Luyendyke

5. Ashley Fagerstedt

6. Michelle Wolf

Longboard (ALL AGES)

1. Cole Robbins

2. Vince Felix

3. Evan Trauntvein

4. Jess Belzer

5. J.P. Garcia

6. Tupo Cabrera

Gremilins (Boys U12)

1. Jackson Meskis

2. Jonas Meskis

3. Dash Pinega

4. Fynn Neth

5. Vela Mattiv

6. Joey Penueta

Boys (U14)

1. Hamilton Jacobs

2. Noel De La Torre

3. Curtis Jacobs

4. Tyler Chiarappa

5. Caleb Faro

6. Drake Epstein

Juniors (U17)

1. Jabe Swierkoski

2. Tommy Mckeown

3. Trevor Barry

4. Noel De La Torre

5. Leon De La Torre

6. Tyler Chiarappa


1. Frank Curren

2. Robert Curtis

3. Jim McCarthy

4. Eric Ronning

5. Vincenzo Leonelli

6. Erik Edwards

Masters (35+)

1. Javi Moreno

2. Mike Bilgren

3. Aaron Smith

4. Nick Eubank

5. Chris Keet

6. Dennis Rizzo

Grand Masters (45+)

1. Bromi Krock

2. Robert Goodman

3. Tom Dillon

4. Bruno Charmeca

5. Chris Willingham

6. Andrew Jakubowski

Legends: (55+)

1. Tony De Groot

2. Tony Luna

3. Steve Hanson

4. Adam Brown

5. Bill Urbany

6. Danny Bralver

Photos by Joshua Curry