How to Put on Channel Islands’ Traction Pads

Featuring the New 50/50 Flat Pad

Have you ever got a new board, ran down to the beach, slapped on a fresh tail pad to only have it fall off during your first session? So lame! Or maybe in your haste couldn’t decide where exactly to place it on the board? Watch and listen to Channel Islands Santa Barbara surf shop manager Evan Gambetta talk you through how to prep your board for that new traction pad. 

This video features our all-new 50/50 Flat Pad that facilitates movement and maximizes grip, addressing the need to constantly move your back foot around and adjust placement for tube-riding, turns and hitting ramps. CI’s ulta-thin (2.5mm) Vertical Groove pattern is featured in the leading portion of this pad, which provides a sensitive, close-to-the-board feel when riding more forward on your board. It also allows for ease of forward or backward adjustments while remaining super grippy for any kind of side-to-side foot movement. Additionally, the 50/50’s Vertical Groove area minimizes knee rash when trunking it. The (4.5mm) Mixed Groove pattern in the back portion of the pad runs all the way into the medium tail kick (28mm) and locks your placement in when you really need to rely on that back foot. The Mixed Groove is also a great reference point, signaling by feel that your foot is in the sweet spot to rip a turn. The combination of our two signature groove patterns has culminated into the perfect grip for all situations.