Parker Coffin’s “Inspire” Episode 2: Tavarua Boatman

Living out his childhood dream as a Tavarua Boatman, while testing a new batch of Channel Island sleds amidst a string of good swells, find out the roots of Parker Coffin’s love for Fiji in the newest episode of “Inspire,” made possible by Channel Island Surfboards and produced by Young Wise Tails. 

“When I was a grom, I was lucky to have gone on some family surf trips to Tavarua,” recalls Parker. “My brother and I always looked up to the Tavarua Boatmen, they were like hero status to us. We pretty much thought it was the raddest job on the planet. You essentially take care of the guests, get them out safely into the waves, provide some advice as well as being there for them as the active, on-duty lifeguard in case anything goes sideways. It was always a dream of ours to become Boatman one day, and while Conner has done a few stints this year was my first opportunity. In our first episode of Inspire, we hung out with my hero Bobby Martinez. In the second episode, I wanted to pay homage to the island, the people and the boatmen really inspired me while growing up.”