Young Wise Tails: Bali 2012


Parker and I spent a couple of weeks over in Bali for the World Juniors. The waves weren’t pumping, but we had a few really fun sessions. It was a rad trip, and we were stoked to be surfing and hanging out every day. We had a solid crew with both of us, ryan, and Gerr. For some reason we always yell TIDAK while we are in Bali. haha. One day we went by one of the dvd stores in seminyak and bought ten random CD’s. Several of them didn’t play in our car, and a few of them sucked, but one played and was really good. It was the newest Black Keys album and we were all super into it. Each song sounded different and they all kept us in a good mood on the long drive to Keramas. We possibly over played it, but I’m still digging this track. I think it’s number one on the album. Check it out!

Conner Coffin