Kelly Slater Named in Top 25 Coolest Athletes of All Time

Kelly Slater on Cover of GQ

Kelly Slater on Cover of GQ

Ali, Namath, Jordan… Slater

Kelly Slater has been named by GQ magazine as one of “The 25 Coolest Athletes of All Time”. Kell will be on GQ’s cover threading a b-side tunnel, and will feature in an article outlining why he and the other chosen giants of physical recreation are the coolest of all time. No doubt Kelly’s cool, but it’s surprising to see surfing nailed up against boxing, football, tennis and basketball.

The 38-year-old, having just raised the ASP World Championship trophy above his head for the 10th time, was deemed by the men’s magazine to be on par with the likes of Muhammad Ali, Bjorn Borg, Tom Brady, Julius Irving, Michael Jordan, Joe Namath, Arnold Palmer, and a bunch more. You might not know all of ’em, but shit, they’re all cool as hell.

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