Monster Children Interview: Pat, Dane and Tanner Gudauskas

Pat Gudauskas and his girlfriend Hanalei
Pat Gudauskas and his girlfriend Hanalei

Words and photos by Ian Foulke

Pat, Dane, and Tanner Gudauskas are many things. They are twins, brothers, best friends, competitors, artists, musicians, and surfers. Their positive attitude and approach to life is often as congratulated as the accolades they receive from the sport of surfing. Their positive effect is an accomplishment few can claim and many look up to. From first glance, it may seem they are cut from the same cloth as your Hollywood surfer stereotype. But, get a little closer and see that each particle of their being is as authentic as the salt in the sea. They find inspiration everywhere and use every medium to create.

Electric California, the premium eyewear, lifestyle, and accessory brand, partnered with the three brothers in 2013 as surf and lifestyle ambassadors. More recently, years of travel and eyewear inspiration boiled to the surface. So, the three brothers worked with Electric to create a three-frame capsule experience called, “The Triple Positive.” The Swingarm, Huxley, and Bengal will be launching in their three distinct design and color stories and available in succession in the Spring of 2014. Read about their journey, inspiration, and collaboration with Electric California as discussed over a morning coffee, Lowe’s run, and a heavy garage re-arrange.

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