"Foam For Families", Nicaragua

Foam For Families is a non profit organization using the combined efforts of the surfing community, acting locally and globally, we spread the treasure of wave riding.

Story: On a trip to Central America, we had the pleasure of surfing with a local kid Chinto we became friends and had many laughs. Chinto is a good surfer and was riding a board that was snapped in half and repaired multiple times. The more we traveled around with him, the more kids we meet with boards in worse and worse condition. We saw boards that were broken in half and covered in fiberglass in the attempts to fix them and even kids with boards that had a piece of plywood nailed to the top to hold it together. Chinto went on to tell us that the closest place to buy boards, wax, leashes, or any other surf supplies was in Costa Rica, and that boards were very expensive. After a session at a heavy beach break his board was broken again when we asked him how he would surf he said he would fix it and be out the next day, we decided to give him and his little brother boards he was incredibly stoked. This experience made us feel very lucky to be born where we were and have access to surf gear. Surf gear (boards, wax, leashes etc.) are tough to come by in rural central America. With your help, we can change this there and around the world.

Foam for Families