Kelly Slater and Dane Reynolds Go 1 & 2 in Surfer Poll

Kelly Slater Wins Surfer Polll
Far from surprising, Kelly Slater won the SURFER Poll on top of everything else he has accomplished in this monumental year. After shooting past Jordy to an insurmountable points lead in Puerto Rico and becoming the 10-time World Champion, Slater went ahead and won the event as well for good measure. It has been said after his last few world titles, but it begs to be repeated: Kelly Slater has accomplished something in surfing than no one else ever will. Photo: Glaser


Dane Reynolds finished No. 2 in Surfer Poll
Dane is rewriting the book on how to be a pro surfer everyday. His blog, has become the surfing world’s window into his life. Whether its obscure photos, strange anecdotes, or the most progressive surfing in the world, there is always something going on in Dane’s world. All of his video projects in 2010 were amazing in their own right, and all perceived apathy aside, he remains one of the most incredible contest surfers to watch. Photo: Kenworthy


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