Encounters with Rob Machado and MGMT

Encounters with Rob Machado and MGMT
By Travis Ferré

This is weird. It’s 2:00 p.m. on Friday afternoon in New York City. Gotham. The greatest congregation of humanity in all the world. It’s nice outside. 72 degrees. I love it here.

I’m the editor of a big fancy surf magazine. I’ve been scheduled for a field trip of the city with The Drifter himself, Rob Machado. We’re going to stroll through the new High Line Park. A skyscraper lookout. An interview. Perhaps a piece of pizza with the lead singer of MGMT. PR, baby.

“Who are all these people?” Rob’s handlers ask me. They’re constantly shuffling Rob around and looking nervously at their watches. A member of his entourage bluntly informs my friends that they aren’t invited any further than this. Sorry guys. Keep drifting. Now it’s just me and photog Tom Carey. After a few nervous minutes, Tom and I get chance to say hello to Rob as we power walk to the pizza shop.

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